(Slim) 1440W LED High Mast Light for USA Military base Lighting

The military base is a very strict area. The soldiers at the security checkpoint are required to perform their tasks after dark. Therefore, the lighting must meet very high safety standards to ensure the safety of everyone.

Lighting fixtures need to meet high quality and can save energy and reduce maintenance as a strategy to reduce total cost slightly. The customer finally chose our Lampshining Slim LED High Mast Light, this product meets the conditions of military lighting, helps to minimize energy consumption and reduce exhaust emissions and provide bright lighting.

In order to achieve the best uniform lighting distribution, customers used ten 1440W Slim led high mast lights and three 200W led high mast lights. And are equipped with anti-glare cover. The following is the customer's actual shooting feedback.

Military base led lighting engineering case

After installing Slim LED High Mast Light, the main improvements are as follows:

1. Bright 5000K white light, improve visibility and color rendering index.

2. The directional characteristics of LED lamps provide excellent control of light distribution.

3. Install anti-glare to minimize light intrusion and glare, creating a safer and more comfortable environment.

4. Instant start, no need for a few minutes warm-up time.

The life span of 5.50000 hours reduces the number of maintenance and the manpower and time spent.

The high efficiency of 6.155-160Lm/W allows military base lighting to save 75% of energy consumption compared to before.

Project location: Military base Lighting

Used lamps: 1440W Slim LED High Mast Light,  200W Slim LED High Mast Light

240w & 1440w slim led high mast light

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