(Slim Pro) 480W LED Sports Light for Hockey Rink Lighting

The lighting project comes from Hockey Rink in the United States. The customer finally chose Lampshining Slim PRO series LED sports lights. The lighting results made them very satisfied.

"Hei william, yes we did get the lights installed. They worked out great and look good. thanks again for good service."

client feedback

Project location: Hockey Rink

The customer provided us with the basic information, dimensions, requirements, etc. of their venue.

Venue information

Our engineers carried out a lighting simulation based on the information provided by the customer to ensure accurate installation and achieve the best lighting uniformity and illuminance during actual installation.

lighting project simulation

Okay, let's see the actual installation effect.

hockey rink led light installation

Let's take a look at the effect after lighting. It is very bright and the customer is very satisfied.

hockey rink led lighting

(Slim Pro) 480W LED Sports Light for Hockey Rink Lighting

(Slim Pro) 480W LED Sports Light for Hockey Rink Lighting

This is the usage of lamps and lanterns in this lighting project.

Lamp information used

Used lamps:  480W Slim Pro LED Sports Light

480W Slim Pro LED Sports Light

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