LED Low Bay Light

LED Low Bay Light

Thank you for choosing Lampshining to find LED low bay lights at the most competitive price. We have 30W-500W power to choose from. Here you can buy LED low bay lights that are most suitable for your lighting applications.

How to find suitable industrial lighting fixtures for your area? For indoor lighting applications where the ceiling height is less than 20 feet, choosing LED low bay lights is the best choice. LED low bay lights have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and long life. Can easily light up the entire warehouse/workshop.

Why choose LED Low Bay Light?

When you replace or newly install indoor low-bay lamps, you should consider some important parameters. These parameters can determine that you can obtain better lighting effects and better cost-effectiveness after replacement or installation.

1.Compared with metal halide lamps and other traditional lamps, LED lamps can provide more light, usually 100W LED Low Bay Light can replace 200-250W traditional lamps. This means that your monthly electricity bill will be drastically reduced.

2. Long life

Our LED Low Bay Light has low light decay, and the brightness can still be maintained above 70% even after the service life, and the service life is as long as 50,000+ hours!

3. High-quality lighting

The CRI of LED Low Bay Light>70, which determines the authenticity of objects in the illuminated area. The light color temperature can be selected from 3000K-6000K, from warm yellow light to daylight, white light can be freely selected

4. Security

The LED Low Bay Lights we provide all have IP65 waterproof performance, and can guarantee that they will not affect the normal operation of the lamps in wet weather. At the same time, they have passed the ETL cETL TUV CE RoHS SAA FCC PLC DLC certification.

5. Warranty

We provide a 5 years warranty for this lamp. If you have any questions during the use of the lamp, you can contact us at any time. We have a good after-sales service.

We provide the best LED low bay lights for your warehouse/workshop at a very competitive price and service, and provide corresponding lighting solutions. You can browse our products and contact us.

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