Can tennis court lighting be replaced by led lights?

Sep. 09, 2020

Can tennis court lighting be replaced by led lights?

tennis court lighting

Nowadays, people are more and more aware of the benefits that sports bring to the human body. In order to train strong body and sexy vest line, more and more people choose tennis as the first choice for fitness and leisure. Tennis is a beautiful and intense sport. Tennis is born in France, born in the UK, and began to spread and form a climax in the United States. Now it is popular in the world, and tennis has become the world's second largest ball sport. Tennis has high requirements for strength and speed. In tennis, some professional athletes can serve at speeds of up to 200+km/h. Because tennis is too fast, it is difficult to judge tennis. This also greatly enhances the difficulty of tennis competition, but also requires stricter and more professional tennis lighting.

tennis court led lighting

Outdoor tennis court lighting

Usually, the lamp side lateral lighting is used on both sides of the site, and two or three light poles on each side are arranged on both sides in the long axis direction. Now there is a formal competition venue, and there are also plans to use 4 poles per test.

Depending on the use of the venue, outdoor tennis courts should also be considered for entertainment or official competition when lighting.

So which kind of lighting should the tennis court use?

1.Metal halide lamp

Metal halide lamp. Metal halide lamps, as lighting fixtures for tennis halls, have many drawbacks, the most deadly of which is the slow start-up time. It takes about fifteen minutes from on to full illumination, and the startup time is extremely slow. Imagine that when the customers in your library are sweating on the tennis court, the lights are restarted due to tripping or accidental touch, and the metal halide lamp restarts. It takes fifteen minutes. Do you think it is possible for the customer to wait for fifteen minutes? In the long run, not only will your business time be delayed, but customers will also be dissatisfied, resulting in customer loss and reduced operating profit.

2.LED lights

LED lights and LED lights are very suitable as lighting fixtures for tennis courts. The timely start-up and closing makes it unnecessary to worry about lighting problems in the venue, and the illumination is even and bright. It is not dazzling, comfortable, without any light pollution, and has high heat dissipation efficiency.

For tennis courts for entertainment, the installation height of the poles should be at least 8m, and for the tennis courts used for official competitions, the installation height of the poles should be at least 12m.

tennis court led lighting

Tennis usually moves at high speeds in a short distance. Athletes need to quickly determine the direction of tennis in a short period of time, so tennis courts need a higher visual environment. In the market, most tennis courts will choose 300W LED Stadium Flood Light for tennis court lighting. Our new product 300W LED flood light stadium light can directly replace 1000W metal halide lamp, tailored according to the actual situation of the venue. Custom luminaires.

stadium led flood lighting

When designing indoor tennis court lighting, special attention should be paid to the different requirements of lighting for clubs and personal entertainment. Clubs usually hold higher-level tennis matches, which not only require a good lighting environment, but also require sufficient brightness in a space above the site. Therefore, the use of the site must be determined to select the appropriate tennis court lighting.

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