What kind of lamps should be used for indoor and outdoor tennis court lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

Tennis is usually divided into singles and doubles. It is a traditional sport. Tennis has high requirements for strength and speed. Professional athletes can hit the ball at speeds above 200km/h. Tennis balls are smaller and faster. At the time, it is difficult to judge the placement of tennis balls, especially when playing at night, the lighting effect is not good, and the impact will be very large.

tennis court lighting

For tennis courts, professional tennis court lighting is indispensable! Modern tennis courts not only require beautiful buildings, but also all kinds of tennis equipments are perfect, and require a good sports lighting environment, that is, suitable and uniform illumination and brightness, ideal light color, three-dimensional and glare-free Wait. It should be ensured that the light acts on the eyes of tennis players, referees, spectators, and produces vision to see all the objects on the tennis court, such as the light and darkness of the venue environment, the color of the surface of the object building, appliances and clothing, the shape of the viewing purpose, and Size, depth, three-dimensionality and the state of tennis players during exercise and the atmosphere of the tennis court. Therefore, good sports lighting plays an important role in modern tennis courts.

Sometimes playing on the court, different courses will give people different feelings, some of the stadium's dark, glare, glare, distortion and other issues will seriously affect the experience of sports, seriously affecting the play. Good stadium lighting should be bright, not glaring and comfortable.

tennis court led lighting

Choosing good tennis court lighting is especially important, so how do we choose?

Generally, in a tennis court lighting design, three factors should be noted:

1. Meet the visual requirements of athletes and referees during the tennis competition, while minimizing the objective impact of lighting on the competition, so that the lighting will not affect the competition.

2. Meet the visual requirements of the audience, so that the feeling of discomfort caused by the lighting when watching the competition is reduced to a minimum.

3. Meet the requirements of color TV relay lighting, and improve the quality of broadcasting as much as possible.

Tennis court lighting is of great importance to the tennis competition. It is closely related to the viewer's visual effect. Tennis courts without good sports lighting facilities are incomplete tennis courts, which will seriously affect its function.

You may find that most of the tennis court lights are mainly metal halide lamps, and less LED stadium lights is used. However, if it is a newly built or renovated stadium, it is mainly based on LED stadium flood lights.

In fact, a large number of LED applications in the past three or four years, because the power of LED lights are relatively small, more indoor use. Now with the development of technology, the products of 400w, 500w, and even more than 1000w have gradually appeared; and they have also been widely used in various types of stadium lighting;

For tennis courts, tennis court lighting is especially important. Good lighting can attract customers to the stadium. Long-term use of poor lighting will only gradually lose customers.

tennis court led flood light fixtures

LED stadium flood lights are tailored to different courses, with anti-glare, no stroboscopic, high color rendering, good comfort, energy saving and durability. Compared with traditional luminaires, it can save 60%-70% energy consumption. The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum material, and the unique heat-dissipation technology ensures excellent heat-dissipating effect. The light source adopts international famous brand LED light source with high brightness and comfortable light color. And has a 5-year warranty, 50,000 hours of life, free tool removal. This means that post-maintenance will be very simple after replacing it with our LED stadium.

Since 2010, Lampshining has continuously increased the development of LED lighting products and is a professional LED light manufacturers. At the same time, it can give corresponding LED lighting solutions. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-power LED outdoor lighting and intelligent product development, production and sales. Welcome to call us.

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