What are the factors to consider for sports field lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

What are the factors to consider for sports field lighting?

If you want to build a sports field, you need to consider the venue, equipment, and so on. When the stadium was built to the later stage, it began to consider the issue of stadium lighting. However, the lighting of the stadium should be considered together in the design, so that it can be more adapted to the stadium lighting during construction. For example, choose what sports lighting, whether you need a light pole, the installation height of the light fixture, etc.

What are the factors to consider for sports field lighting?

There is a difficulty in the evening game, that is, the stadium lighting! The competition of some closed stadiums also has high requirements for sports venue lighting!

sport field led lighting

Generally speaking, the bigger the stadium, the faster the movement speed, the smaller the ball, the higher the lighting standard, such as tennis, table tennis, and badminton. And those sports players who are close to the opponent and the ball, the athletes and the referees are not obscured by sight, such as basketball, football, tennis, for the athletes and referees, the horizontal illumination can be normal at 150~300Lux, but to achieve professional The game requires that 300 lux is not enough, generally 500-800 lux, such as football and basketball.

Sports venue lighting should also take into account the needs of the audience to watch the game.

The level of illumination required by athletes is different from that of the audience. The athletes are placed in the arena, relatively close to the line of sight, so the relatively low level of illumination can meet the needs of the game; the audience is different, their purpose is to watch the game Relatively speaking, the viewer's line of sight is far away, and the viewing position is relatively fixed. As the athlete moves, the viewer's line of sight moves accordingly. Therefore, the lighting standard is increased as the viewing distance of the viewer increases, and the illuminance is a key indicator for the viewer to see clearly.

Sports venue lighting is the need for game color TV broadcasts

Color TV broadcasts promote the rapid promotion and popularization of sports around the world. The development of color TV technology requires higher and higher lighting levels, while photography is different from videography. It records competitive scenes, photos or movies through film. The effect depends mainly on factors such as exposure, clarity, and color rendering. HDTV broadcast HDTV to reach 2000 lux.

So which sports field lighting should be chosen?

Many years ago, stadium lighting used traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps - metal halide lamps. At that time, people commented: "The basic structure and illumination principle of metal halide lamps are similar to those of fluorescent tubes. The difference lies in the arc discharge lighting. High heat, metal halide sublimation into vapor, direct emission of visible light, energy saving 80% to 90%. Metal halide lamp is the third generation of green lighting source emerging in the world after incandescent lamp and halogen lamp, with high luminous efficiency and long service life. Such advantages, widely used in military, adventure, outdoor lighting, field search and rescue, etc. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps have amazing energy-saving effects and huge market space." The power of lamps can reach 1000W-2000W, and the installation height of lamps can reach 50m-60m. However, the metal halide lamp has a short service life, a single color temperature, poor color rendering, and long startup time, which have become increasingly incompatible with the lighting requirements of the stadium. With the rapid development of LED lighting applications, the application of LED in stadium lighting has also attracted more and more people's attention.

sport field led lighting

LED is called the fourth generation of green lighting source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small size. 500W sport field LED Flood light can replace 1000W HID lamp, 1000W sport field led flood light can replace up to 2200W HID! In 2019, more and more sports fields have replaced traditional lamps with LED sports field lamps, which have a long life and It can save more than 60% of energy, and it also has the characteristics of timely start-up. LED sports field lighting will be the mainstream of future lighting.

stadium series outdoor led flood light

The modern sports building not only requires the building to be beautiful and functional, but also has complete functions.

Moreover, there must be a good sports venue lighting environment. While ensuring the training of athletes, it also takes care of the audience's sight and the safety of the venue.

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