Why does stadium lighting start using LED Stadium lights?

Sep. 09, 2020

As the center of sports and fitness, the stadium is being favored by more and more people who like sports. Compared to other sports buildings, the main feature of the stadium is its comprehensive function. There are many sports such as track and field, football, basketball, baseball ball, etc. In the stadium, the stadium can also be used as a venue for large-scale concerts. It can be said that the stadium is an indispensable part of the city!

For the stadium, the supporting facilities are also very important. Among these facilities, stadium lighting is a very important key point! Stadium lighting is an important part of stadium design and is more complicated. It not only meets the requirements of athletes for competition and audience viewing, but also meets the requirements of TV live broadcast for color temperature, illumination, illumination uniformity, etc., which is far higher than athletes and viewers.

stadium lighting

In addition, the lighting method of the lighting fixtures needs to be closely coordinated with the overall planning of the stadium and the structure of the stands. Lighting installations are associated with maintenance and architectural design. Therefore, when selecting LED stadium lights, it is necessary to select lamps suitable for installation and maintenance.

A few years ago, LED lights suddenly entered the professional sports field and expanded in major cities. More and more stadiums have replaced gold halide lamps with more adaptable and energy-efficient LED stadium lights. The Major League Baseball began using LED lighting in 2015. The Petra Park of the San Diego Padres is one of the first stadiums to switch to LED lights in 2016.

There are three main reasons for choosing LED sports lighting: 1. Optimize TV broadcast effects, enhance the live experience of athletes and viewers, and reduce long-term operating costs.

stadium led lighting

LED lighting is used in a wide range of applications, including street lighting, street, airport, arena, high school and university sports venues, tracks, concert venues and many places. As the cost of LED lighting decreases and efficiency continues to increase, the use of LED lighting is growing rapidly.

When the LED stadium light is turned on, normal brightness can be achieved without waiting, and the light can be adjusted at half time or during the interval of the competition. Advances in lighting technology have also made LED sports lighting operating costs lower than ever. Compared to traditional lighting such as gold halide lamps, installing LED stadium lights can save 60% to 70% of total energy costs.

Take our LED stadium lights as an example. The 1000 watt LED stadium lights can replace the equivalent of 2200W HPS / MH. The LED stadium lights also have the function of eliminating stroboscopic sound. The TV broadcasts that eliminate stroboscopic lights by LED sports lighting can be played without flicker at a speed of 20,000 frames per second, and the audience can meticulously capture every second of the replay. This is especially noticeable when replaying in slow motion. In addition to eliminating the stroboscopic function, LED sports lighting also balances between warm and cool colors, so the image appears brighter and clearer on the TV. There are almost no shadows, glare or spills, and the motion picture is clear and smooth. LED sports lighting can also be adjusted according to the venue of the competition, the time of the competition and the type of competition being broadcast.

led stadium lights

Lampshining LED stadium lights have a life of 50,000 hours and are designed to be lightweight. In terms of maintenance, efficiency, energy saving and performance, LED stadium lights are widely used.

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