Lighting for outdoor tennis court design

Sep. 08, 2020

Seeing the high-end and bright outdoor tennis courts everywhere, I began to get tired of the original traditional HID fixtures that required high maintenance and loss of light. These problems will be solved after the LED lighting appears. LED High Mast Light is a perfect alternative to traditional HID for outdoor tennis court lighting. The LED High Mast Light, an outdoor tennis court lighting fixture, has a rated life of 50,000+ hours, which is several times longer than the traditional HID. And the light decay rate is small, the traditional HID has a light decay rate of 40%-60% in the lifetime, and the maximum light decay rate of the LED High Mast Light outdoor tennis court lighting is only 6%.

Energy saving and longevity are just one of the advantages of LED High Mast Light. In outdoor tennis court lighting, good visibility and anti-glare luminaires are needed to ensure that the athletes and the audience can continuously observe the course and the exact position of the ball, which can also reduce the occurrence of athlete accidents. In order to meet these conditions, properly design outdoor tennis court lighting fixtures are typically projected forward and have precise optical properties that maximize light levels and reduce glare from view. So what issues need to be considered in outdoor tennis court lighting design?

outdoor tennis court

When design outdoor tennis court lighting, the following questions should be considered:

1. Meet local government requirements and permits

2. Understand some terms in the lighting industry.

3. For outdoor tennis courts, choosing the right tennis court lighting requires determining the size and layout of the course.

4. Selection of lamps

5. Installation

6. The impact of lighting on athletes and audience.

Let's discuss these points in detail below.

1. Meet local government requirements and permits

  Local governments in different places have different requirements and may use different units of measurement. The following is an example of the European sports lighting standard EN 12193:2008.

Data from the International Tennis Federation (IFT), Outdoor tennis court lighting standard

Horizontal Illumination (Eh Average (Lux))Illumination Uniformity (Emin / Eh ave)Glare (GR) Light Color Temperature (K)  Light Color Rendering (RA)
Level 1
> 500 lux> 0.7<50 >4000K >80
Level 2> 300 lux > 0.7<50 >4000K >65
Level 3> 200 lux> 0.7<55 >2000K > 20


  It should be noted here that the lighting requirements of the ATP, WTA and Davis Cup World Group and the Zonal Group I are different. 

2. Understand some terms in the lighting industry


The luminous flux of 1 lumen is evenly distributed over an area of 1 square meter. This is the amount of light that falls on the surface of the court; it is often referred to as the level of illumination. It is expressed in lux (LX).

Color temperature

This represents the color of the light, which is expressed in Kelvin (K).


CRI represents the exact extent of the scene under illumination. It is sorted by the color rendering index Ra (from 0 to 100), where the higher the index, the better the accuracy.


It mainly depends on the ratio between the direct brightness of the lighting device and the brightness of the surface of the court. GR is a glare rating factor that evaluates installation quality from a glare perspective.

Uniform illumination

This is a parameter that describes the uniform distribution of light on the surface of the field. Emin / Eh ave.

3. For outdoor tennis courts, choosing the right tennis court lighting requires determining the size and layout of the course.

  As the data just shown, the following is an explanation of the level of lighting and the size of the venue:

  Level 1: Most are dedicated to large-scale competitions, suitable for venues with large venues and distant audiences.

  Level 2: Medium-sized competitions, such as regional or club competitions. Suitable for medium-sized venues where the audience is closer to the venue.

  Level 3: Small competitions, such as school or small club competitions. Suitable for venues with small venues and no audience.


  Taking the actual engineering of our customers as an example, the lighting method used here is to distribute high mast lights on both sides and in the middle.

customer existing tennis court

The LED high mast light is mounted on a 10 meter high pole on an outdoor tennis court.

4. Lighting fixtures selection

Taking the actual engineering of our customers as an example, our 200W LED High Mast Light replaces the 400WHID used by the original customer.

outdoor tennis court lighting fixtures

As shown, the customer used 12 pieces of 200w LED high mast light.

12 pices LED high mast light list

This LED high pole light is ideal for outdoor tennis court lighting because its modules are free to rotate. We will also talk about why later.

5. Installation

Can be seen in the design of our customers' outdoor tennis courts. 200W LED High Mast Light is installed on both poles. There are two Floodlights on each high pole in the middle to project to court1 and court2 respectively.

Schematic design of outdoor tennis court lights

The lumens of this Floodlight is as high as 32,000, and the lighting effects in practical applications are as shown below.

outdoor tennis court photometric 2

In False Color Rendering, you can see that the illumination is very uniform and clear in areas where illumination is required.

6. The impact of light on the audience and athletes

The lighting angle of the light affects the line of sight of the athletes and the audience. If an inappropriate luminaire is chosen, the light will be lost and very unfriendly to the athletes and the audience.

tennis court led outdoor lights Illumination Angle

  If the LED light shown in Figure 1 below is illuminated in this way, the light will be concentrated on the tennis court, which is friendly to the athletes and the audience on site.

  If the ordinary floodlight method shown in Fig. 2 is used, the light will be lost because the directions of the lights are inconsistent.

  But it is not that Figure 2 can't be used, and the lighting angle is different in different scenes. And our LED high mast light, you can freely adjust the angle as needed to adapt to different environments.

outdoor tennis court high mast lighting fixtures with rotatable moduel

Another factor affecting athletes and spectators is glare, LED lighting can minimize glare, but with the optional anti-glare cap of our products, glare will be minimized.

outdoor led tennis court high mast lighting fixtures with Anti-glare accessories


  Tennis court exercise is one of the best ways to enjoy sports. Lighting is very important for tennis courts. The LED lighting is the best solution now because of its high brightness, uniform illumination, energy saving, and long life.

  Our LED lighting product, High Mast Light, saves 70%-90% of energy compared to conventional luminaires. If you need outdoor tennis court lighting design and products, contact Lampshining to give you the perfect solution.

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