Football Pitch LED Lighting Design - Building the Best Stadium

Sep. 09, 2020

Whether it is a profession football pitch or an entertainment football pitch, football field lighting design should fully consider the experience of the athletes and the audience. The venue needs to consider the visual needs of TV viewers (cameras), referees and other people to provide the best lighting for everyone. In addition to providing sufficient, uniform horizontal illumination and vertical illumination, multiple camera requirements and stricter glare control should be considered, while meeting the requirements of illumination, illumination ratio, illumination stereoscopic effect, light source color temperature, and color rendering.

football pitch led lighting design

Lampshining new LED football stadium lights, with a Color Rendering Index of up to 90, are suitable for any sports arena. The lightweight design makes the luminaires simpler to install and safer to use. The high efficiency of 150-160LM/W greatly reduces the energy consumption of the football field. For professional football fields, anti-glare is very important, and our anti-glare cover can solve this problem.

football pitch led light

Of course, choosing a luminaire is only the first step. If the installed lighting does not meet the standard, it is easy for the kicker to feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to look at it from a distance, not to mention the process of playing. Always pay attention to where the ball is, which greatly affects the playing experience. As a professional golf course builder, in addition to mastering the necessary site construction knowledge, the installation and construction of these lighting facilities is also very important.  build the best sports field!

What is the standard for football field lighting?

The standard should be based on the use of the football field to determine the standard of lighting, roughly divided into seven levels, training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx, amateur competition 500lx, professional competition 750lx, general tv broadcast 1000lx, large international competition HDTV broadcast 1400lx, tv Emergency 750lx.

At present, football stadiums almost all use LED lamps. Compared with their traditional metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, LED environmental protection and energy saving, this must be the future trend. The position of the lamp can be installed on the edge of the ceiling of the stand, the two ways are installed above the pole, and the pole is installed around the court; and the number and power of the lamp are determined according to different lighting requirements of different courses.

There are several options for installing a soccer field pole?

1. Four-corner design

The four-corner luminaires are arranged in a concentrated manner in combination with the poles at the corners of the competition venue. Until today, the lighting facilities of many stadiums are still arranged at four corners. Four light poles are set at the four corners of the venue. The tower height is generally 35-60m, and narrow beam lamps are commonly used. This type of arrangement is suitable for football venues with no canopy or low canopy height. In this way, the lighting utilization rate is low, the maintenance and repair is difficult, and the cost is high.

In this arrangement, the angle at which the LED lamp is projected to the center of the field and the ground should not be less than 25 degrees. Therefore, in order to achieve the best projection angle, the height of the four poles is different depending on the angle. And now TV broadcasts need higher and even vertical illumination.

The shortcoming of this four-corner lamp design is that the visual change of different viewing directions is larger and the shadow is deeper. From the color TV broadcast, it is difficult to control the vertical illumination in all directions and control the glare. Therefore, more attention needs to be paid to the anti-glare function when selecting lamps.

2. Multi-pole arrangement

The multi-rod arrangement is a form of arrangement on both sides, and the two sides are arranged to be combined with the light pole or the construction horse track, and arranged in a concentrated or continuous form on both sides of the competition venue. The multi-rod arrangement is to set up multiple sets of light poles on both sides of the field. Suitable for football practice venues, tennis courts, etc. Its outstanding advantage is that the electricity consumption is relatively low, and the vertical illumination and the horizontal illumination are better. Due to the low pole, this type of lamp has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance. The poles should be evenly arranged, and 4, 6 or 8 poles can be arranged, the projection angle is greater than 25°, and the projection angle to the sideline of the site is not more than 75°.

football pitch led lighting design 2

The disadvantage of this type of cloth is that when the pole is placed between the venue and the auditorium, it will obscure the viewer's line of sight and it is more difficult to eliminate the shadow. In the football field without television broadcast, the lateral arrangement lighting device adopts multi-rod arrangement, which is economical.

3. Hybrid layout

This type of lighting is mostly used in large-scale integrated stadium lighting solutions, and the hybrid arrangement is a lighting method that combines the four corners and the two sides organically. It can meet the broadcast requirements of the TV, and it will not affect the viewing experience of the audience on the spot.

football pitch led lighting design 3

The hybrid arrangement has the advantages of two types of lamps, which enhances the sense of solidity, and the vertical illumination and uniformity in four directions are more reasonable, but the degree of glare is increased.

In order to build an optimal football field, it is very important to choose the appropriate lighting method for your venue and choose the best LED stadium lighting.

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