Why sports lighting is more important than you think?

Sep. 08, 2020

Why sports lighting is more important than you think?

With the development of the times, our living standards are constantly rising, making us more comfortable and safe. In leisure time, many people choose sports and leisure, so many areas have been built.

Sports venue. It is also very happy to exercise with friends during the holidays.

Sports venues must be in line with government regulations to be safer. However, the problem of lighting is also important. It is very important. In the evening, if there is insufficient lighting, it is very easy to cause some accidents. The following news comes from China:

An old man is 81 years old. He went out alone at 9 o'clock in the evening, and it was raining and there was no street light. The old man was killed by a car while crossing the road.

The driver said that without the street lights, the car did not dare to open very quickly. But visibility is too low, and when I see the old man, I can't stop the car. So this happens.

Under-lit field

Not just on the street. In some cases, there are insufficient lighting and frequent accidents, resulting in personal injury. In this era of a rich life, lighting is a guarantee of safety.

The sports field. A sphere that flies in a light environment is reflected by the surface of the sphere against the light of the stadium to produce surface brightness and surface color. The higher the light energy intensity of the stadium lighting,

Under-lit field

The brightness of the surface of the sphere is higher.  Higher the color rendering performance of the illumination, the more realistic the color of the sphere surface. The stronger the sense of brightness and color produced by the human visual perception system. It indicates that the higher the lighting quality, the better the lighting effect.

In order to let the athletes play the best level of competition so that the audience around the world can truly and clearly understand the dynamics of the stadium and integrate the greatest enthusiasm for watching the game, good stadium lighting is essential.

In addition to safety issues, in stadium lighting design, sufficient illumination and illumination uniformity, sufficient brightness and no glare illumination, proper shadow and color correctness, and the effects of stroboscopic effects can be analyzed to achieve good illumination design.

Athletes often need to compete and train at dusk or evening. Therefore, stadium lighting is an important part of the stadium design, it needs to meet the requirements of athletes to play an audience. Choosing a LED High Mast Light will be very suitable.

2019 lampshining LED High Mast sport Light

The LED tennis court light is recommended for tennis courts or badminton courts. In the case of meeting the lighting, the aesthetic requirements are also met.

2019 lampshining mars led street light show

Street area lighting recommended this Mars LED Street Light. With a number of authoritative certifications, the use of more assured, safe.

Lampshining led tennis court light for 2019

If you are interested in the above lights, you can click on the details or contact us.

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