(Dragonfly) 16pcs 1800W LED High Mast Light for Football training ground Lighting

This Dragonfly LED high mast light is characterized by high uniform light, energy saving, rotatable module design, high efficiency, and good heat dissipation. It is very suitable for various large outdoor area lighting.

Customers used our 18pcs 1800W led high mast light in their football training ground.

The following is an image of our customer's feedback. As you can see, the effect is great!

4 pcs dragonfly series 1800w led high mast light on the pole

Install dragonfly high mast lights

dragonfly series 1800w led high mast light illuminates the football training ground

Lamphining LED high mast lighting is very suitable for outdoor stadiums, whether it is basketball courts, football fields, badminton courts, baseball fields, hockey courts, etc., we can tailor the best lighting and layout for you and provide one-stop lighting solutions Program.

Project location:
Football training ground

Lamps: Dragonfly Series 1800W LED High Mast Light

Front and back display of dragonfly series 1800w led high mast light

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