How to achieve the best lighting for volleyball courts in 2022?

May. 08, 2021

Modern volleyball courts can be seen not only on the beach, but also in many housing complexes, schools, and sports venues. Obviously volleyball is a very popular sport.

There is sunlight during the day, but most people have to go to work and class during the day and don't have much time. Therefore, night volleyball after get off work has become the choice of most volleyball fans.

Anyone who builds volleyball court projects knows that proper and comfortable lighting will make volleyball courts more popular. Thereby increasing popularity, increasing income, and improving the experience and safety of athletes.

Therefore, understanding the lighting of volleyball courts can bring many benefits to your venue operations. For example: more profit, comfortable environment, higher safety, more worry-free installation and maintenance.

volleyball court lighting

Table of Contents:

1.Volleyball lighting standards;

1.1 size

1.2 Illuminance

1.3 Uniformity

2.Outdoor volleyball lighting layout;

3.Things to note when buying lighting for volleyball court

3.1 Anti-glare function

3.2 Waterproof

3.3 High light uniformity

3.4 High luminous efficiency

3.5 Heat dissipation

3.6 Color temperature

4.Selection of volleyball court lighting;

5.Faq and get a quote;

1.Volleyball lighting standards

1.1 Size

The size and area of the volleyball court is rectangular, measuring 30 x 60 feet, with a 7-foot-high net in the middle.

volleyball court

1.2 Illuminance

Both sides of the game (six people on each side) occupy one side of the route. The illumination of daily entertainment volleyball court lighting usually needs 100-300LUX, if it is a professional game, it needs to reach more than 500LUX.

1.3 Uniformity

Lighting uniformity is a very important factor in sports lighting. The lighting uniformity of daily entertainment volleyball courts needs to be 0.5, and the uniformity of professional games needs to be 0.8.

It should be noted that the sight of athletes is usually upward, and the control of glare is very important. The best volleyball court lighting needs to achieve: light white, high color rendering, bright and clear. The lighting is stable, stable, no fluctuation, no glare, and no harm from stroboscopic effect;

Meeting these conditions can ensure that the flight path of the volleyball in the air is real, without ghosting, and the position in the air is real and accurate, and visually comfortable and not fatigued.

2.outdoor volleyball lighting layout

Most of the volleyball courts are outdoor sports, and are usually distributed on both sides of the volleyball court according to the size of the venue, with four or six poles.

volleyball court 4 pole lighting layout

If it is an indoor volleyball court, you need to consider the glare effect of ceiling lights on athletes.

3.Things to note when buying lighting for volleyball court

3.1 Anti-glare function

Volleyball court is a lively area, but the anti-glare function of lighting is usually ignored. If the strong light generated by the lamps does not have the anti-glare function, it will cause physical discomfort and affect the game experience, and the audience's eyes will also feel uncomfortable.

3.2 Waterproof

Volleyball courts are mostly located on the beach or in some outdoor places. In the humid environment of the beach, the waterproof performance of the lamps is very necessary. In a non-humid outdoor environment, in severe weather such as rain, if the lamp has no waterproof performance, it is easy to reduce the life span or even damage it. Therefore, the lamp is required to be waterproof and at least IP65.

3.3 High light uniformity

he uniformity of light usually needs to be considered, which is the ratio of the minimum lux to the maximum lux, usually a light uniformity of 0.5 to 0.8 is sufficient.

3.4 High luminous efficiency

High-efficiency lamps are the key to reducing electricity costs. You must choose durable and efficient LED lamps, which means you will be able to use low-power lamps to get more light. Our LED lamps can reach 150-190Lm/W, 100W LED lamps can replace traditional lamps above 250W.

3.5 Heat dissipation

Another important factor considered for volleyball court lighting is heat dissipation. The shell and internal design of the lamp need to ensure a good heat dissipation effect (this will directly affect the service life of the led light)

3.6 Color temperature

Color temperature is also a factor to consider. Volleyball courts on the beach are mainly for entertainment, usually using 3000-4000K warm light colors. If it involves the competition area, it is recommended to use 5000 to 5700K white light.

4. Selection of volleyball court lighting

In the selection of volleyball court lighting, you should choose lamps that meet the requirements of use function and lighting quality, are easy to install and maintain, and have low long-term operating costs. The following should be considered:

1. Optical characteristics, such as light distribution and glare control;

2. Costs, such as lamp efficiency, initial investment and long-term operating expenses;

3. The shape of the lamp is coordinated with the venue and environment;

4. High lighting efficiency (this will affect long-term operating costs);

5. IP rating that meets environmental conditions.

Volleyball Court Lighting Products Recommended

LED Flood Light


LED High Mast Light


LED High Bay Light (Indoor)


two led flood lighttwo led high mast lighttwo led high bay light

Before choosing and installing volleyball court lighting, you need to make an assessment. It is best to hire a professional electrician to install and set up the volleyball court lighting equipment.

In addition, in order to determine the lighting requirements, you need to measure the size of your volleyball court and the description of the surrounding environment, then before the formal decision to purchase and install, we can conduct a lighting simulation for your venue to ensure that the final lighting results are satisfactory.

Of course, if you prefer to design lighting for your volleyball court, we have a variety of LED volleyball court lighting equipment for you to choose from, and if you have any questions during the period, you can always contact us for help.

Volleyball court lighting on the beach

We will provide you with information about the lighting of the volleyball court and will be happy to help answer your questions. Contact us whenever necessary.

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